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We produce high, middle-end memory foam, stereotypes foam, high rebound foam and foam household products. Mainly supply matching foam for Kuka  and produce complete sets of household products.

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We produce high, middle-end memory foam, stereotypes foam, high rebound foam and foam household products. Mainly supply matching foam for Kuka  and produce complete sets of upholstered furniture.

To build a modern enterprise with the leading

Hebei Kaixiang Health Technology Co., LTD. is located in Shenzhou, Hebei province, mainly producing foams with two factories and covering an area of 72000 ㎡.The construction investment is 160 million, with over 200 employees and a 10 technical core teams.
At present, it cooperates with the Institute of microelectronics of Tsinghua University, the Academy of Sciences of Zhejiang University and the college of art of Tianjin University of technology in the fields of home intelligent manufacturing, healthy sleep research and human engineering mechanics.
We focus on the R & D, production, sales and service of health bedding, protective gear and intelligent sleep products with high-tech sponge as the core.
The annual production more than 6200 tons and 800,000 sets of comfortable, safe, environmental protection, humanized foam product for retailer,foreign trade corporation and customers.
Our products not only sell to domestic and support special customization, but also export to Korea, Japan, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions.
The Chairman: Zhang Zhanguang 
Mr. Zhang has more than 20 years of business management experience, he pays attention to the construction of enterprise culture and adheres to the spirit of industrial rejuvenation.
He rooted in Shenzhou, connected home and abroad with great ambition and broad heart . He treated revitalize industry as his duty, dedicated to provide each family with comfortable, environmental friendly, beautiful, safe and humanized household products.He wants to be a leadership of this industry and create a new type of enterprise with win-win .
Mr. Zhang stays true to the mission, takes part in social republic welfare actively including road and bridge repairing, old citizens caring and poverty alleviation. His work embodies the spirit of a good entrepreneur in the new era.
The chairman believes: God help those who help themselves.With concentrative and professional attitude, Kaixiang will be a famous brand in the world.
Technical team
KaiXiang’s Technical team is composed by technical backbones worked in international well-known foams enterprises for long and engaged in foam technology research and development.
They have rich experience in production and process of polyurethane foam series.They are also proficient in domestic and foreign leading environmental production technology and mechanization.
Construction of the plant area
Our company focuses on plant construction, to maximize the expansion of product production capacity for meeting market demand. We have a total of 72000 ㎡ of construction land in the factory district of the intersection point of Shi-huang expressway and bao-heng highway and the two construction sites in the east of Kuka factory.It provides a broad space for the development of the company.
Process Equipment and quality inspection
We introduce advanced technology equipment and improve product quality inspection, to make sure  the quality of products are environmental friendly and qualified 
Production scale
The annual production of foam more than 6200 tons and 800,000 sets of high, mid-end memory foam, stereotyped foam, high rebound foam and complete sets of foam household products. 
Distribution channel
Provide Kuka with matching foam;
Customized products;
Export to southeast Asia, Europe and Australia and other countries and regions.
Business philosophy:quality first, customer satisfaction, win-win cooperation and common development.
Corporate spirit: integrity, focus, innovation and pragmatism.
Enterprise target : To build a modern enterprise with the leading and harmonious in the industry.