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We produce high, middle-end memory foam, stereotypes foam, high rebound foam and foam household products. Mainly supply matching foam for Kuka  and produce complete sets of household products.

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We produce high, middle-end memory foam, stereotypes foam, high rebound foam and foam household products. Mainly supply matching foam for Kuka  and produce complete sets of upholstered furniture.

Embossing mattress

Polyurethane foam is perhaps the most widely used material in bedding (as well as a whole host of other applications). Is favored by many manufacturers as a top layer material to create a soft initial feel (that doesn’t last very long) but does make for a good first impression. A foam mattress can also be called a sponge mattress. It is characterized by softness and elasticity. The foam mattress is the most comfortable of all materials. Lying on the body is like floating in the air without pressure, let us lie on it and feel like floating in the air. Numerous dense holes have good gas permeability, which can absorb moisture and remove heat well to ensure the body is dry. It can closely fit your body shape, provide adequate support to the body and relieve body pressure. At the same time, the foam mattress has good warmth, can provide a warm sleep environment and improve sleep quality. The foam mattress can closely match the curve of the body. While providing us with support, it also loses its softness and elasticity. It can also cushion the movements of the body. Even if a person turns over frequently, it will not affect others. There is no noise at all. For the elderly who are afraid of cold and often get up at night, foam mattresses are the best choice. Foam mattresses generally have a long life because they are recyclable materials.
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What setup do you recommend for Kaixiang Household  mattresses?
6 Zero pressure memory mattress Non-temperature sensitive memory 842001-1 90*190*4cm 100% polyester fiber 1, can be packaged industrial design, convenient to store anytime, anywhere.
2, memory cotton mattress core, fit the human body curve, effectively release the body pressure.
3, the bottom cloth anti-slip plastic design, effectively increase the friction between the mattress and the contact, when combined with yoga, even if the action is large, it is not easy to shift.
4, jacket 300G air layer sandwich silk cloth, soft skin-friendly and air circulation, sewn invisible zipper can be removed and washed; fiber cross hollow structure to maintain air circulation throughout the night, comfortable ventilation to reduce bacterial growth.
842001-2 150*200*4cm 100% polyester fiber    
842001-3 180*200*4cm 100% polyester fiber    
Embossing mattress
We designed every  mattress to be versatile, so it can work with all standard foundations. As with all foam beds, you want as much direct support under the mattress as possible. A wooden slatted or platform bed offers the most support. For optimal support under all sizes (twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king), we suggest using the Kaixiang Household .
What mattress size do you recommend?
Embossing mattress
Beyond personal preference, there are various factors to take into account before picking a mattress size that’s perfect for you. You should ask yourself: How big is your bedroom? Do you share the bed with a partner or pets? Is living space or sleeping space more important to you? We’ve laid out all these details in our handy mattress size guide.
I have hip and shoulder pain, which is the right mattress for me?
Embossing mattress
The Kaixiang Household  Kaixiang Household  mattresses proprietary technology is designed to help relieve pressure points associated with hip and shoulder pain. The Wave’s firmness contributes to ergonomic support, comfort, and spine alignment. While we have a team full of designers and engineers, we aren't medical doctors. Pain can stem from a variety of causes, so be sure to confirm any medical issues with your doctor.
Is Kaixiang Household  the best mattress available online?
Embossing mattress
we’re confident in our product. We have a continuous flow of customer feedback and data that our Hebei  R&D team uses to improve the Kaixiang Household . The team shares more than patents, and their work on the Kaixiang Household  has earned tens of thousands of 5-star reviews.
How We Work
Step 1: Tell us your requirements in details. (Sizes, structures, materials...)
 Step 2: Sampling according to your requirements. (usually takes about 2-5days)
 Step 3: Sample confirmation and do adjustment if need.
 Step 4: Prepare raw materials for bulk production. ( Strict raw material incoming test)
 Step 5: Strict production phase inspection. (process inspection)
 Step 6: Delivery inspection.
Embossing mattress
 A. Customize mattress according to your requirements
 B. OEM service, we have 2 factories with state-of-art foam material , quilting, sawing, cutting lines,      and our experienced craftmans are capable to support you on varies projects.
 C. Making samples
 D. Products factory inspection or TPI  is welcomed.
 E. Fast delivery.
Customized products according to customer needs
Product Description
1. Structure:  
A. Cover Layer (Quilted cover or knitted fabric)
B. Flame retardant inner cover layer
C. Memory foam+high density foam layer
D. Anti-slip fabric
 2. Mattress Materials
 A. High density foam
 B. Memory foam (Gel memory foam / Bamboo charcoal memory foam etc) 
 C. Natrual latex
 D. Convoluted foam
 E. Mattress fabric
 F. Pocket spring
3. Mattress Cover
 A. Quilted cover (mattress fabric + foam, multi-needle quilted or single-needle quilted)
 B. Knitted fabric cover
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