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We produce high, middle-end memory foam, stereotypes foam, high rebound foam and foam household products. Mainly supply matching foam for Kuka  and produce complete sets of household products.

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Cleaning Memory Foam Mattress?


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Cleaning Memory Foam Mattress?

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About cleaning of memory foam pillow

As with cleaning any mattress, cleaning a Memory Foam mattress can be an awkward and time-consuming task. If you are not familiar with memory foam and its unique properties, you may want to learn a little more about it.

This process is designed to clean a Memory Foam Mattress and can be easily adapted to use on mattress toppers and pillows.
What you will need:
Hand vacuum or regular vacuum with a soft brush attachment
Woolite fabric cleaner
Spray bottle
Spray attachment for hose (if doing the task outdoors)
Detachable shower head (if doing the task in the tub)
Distilled white vinegar
Hair dryer or electric fan

Memory Foam Mattress

Cleaning Process:
1. Vacuum the foam thoroughly with a hand vac or regular size vacuum using the soft brush attachment.
2. Place mattress/topper/pillow in the bathtub or outside, near an outdoor water supply (if outdoors, make sure to place the  Memory Foam Mattress on a clean tarp or another clean platform to avoid getting it muddy or dirty).
3. In the spray bottle, mix 1 part Woolite with 2 parts water and shake well.
4. Standing the foam on end, spray entire piece(s), front and back, with Woolite solution. If cleaning the mattress, the job will be much easier with two people, one to hold the mattress, and one to spray.
5. Allow Woolite solution to stay on for 30 minutes.
6. Rinse with clean water, using detachable shower head if in the tub, or spray nozzle on the hose, if outdoors.
7. Gently squeeze out excess water by folding the foam and pressing down. DO NOT twist or wring the foam as this will cause damage.
8. Empty Woolite solution and refill bottle with 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water.
9. Spray down entire piece again with a vinegar solution.
10. Rinse again with the shower head or spray nozzle and gently press out excess water as in step.
11. A hair dryer set on its lowest setting can be used to aid in drying; being careful not to hold the hairdryer too close or it will damage the foam.
12. In the alternative, the  Memory Foam Mattress can air dry, using an electric fan to aid in drying.
13. Make sure the foam is completely dry before replacing on the bed.