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We produce high, middle-end memory foam, stereotypes foam, high rebound foam and foam household products. Mainly supply matching foam for Kuka  and produce complete sets of household products.

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Memory foam pillow maintenance methods and precautions


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Memory foam pillow maintenance methods and precautions

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Maintenance method of memory foam pillow:
Pillows are an indispensable household item in people's lives. The same as bedding, people usually only pay attention to clean the cold bedding, pillow towel, pillowcase, but rarely "please" the pillow to the outside of the room to breathe, drying. As everyone knows, when sleeping every night, the pillow is the "throat road" that is passed by the dirty atmosphere of the cockroach. In addition, when the person sleeps, the impure gas exhaled in a large amount penetrates, and the sweat and dirt secreted by the scalp make the pillow become "dirty mess". "The filth of dirt". It is only by cleaning the outer pillows and pillowcases that only the "treatment of the symptoms is not a cure", the filth in the pillow can not be removed, so the pillow has become one of the most unclean places in the modern family, becoming the so-called "pillow hygiene zone" ".
 Maintenance method of memory foam pillow:
1. Regularly clean the pillowcase of memory foam pillow, but the pillow can not be cleaned. At this time, we can properly sunbathe in the sun, do not expose to the sun.
2. The memory foam pillow should not be placed in a place with a relatively high temperature, and must be kept away from fire. Oh, this one is not very likely to appear, but pay attention to friends who smoke in the room.
3. Keep the product dry, always pay attention to ventilation, and properly sunbathe in the sun, which will play a very good role in your health.
4. Do not put the pillowcase smaller than the pillow on the memory foam pillow. Some families may purchase two pillowcases for convenience. It should be noted that the pillowcase should be more suitable than your pillow.
5. Proper maintenance is still very helpful for your pillow, but the memory foam pillow also has a long life, it can not be used all the time. In general, the life of the memory foam pillow is about 2 years.
    1) The outer casing can be washed and the inner core can not be washed. The cloth cover can be washed in cold water and placed in a cool place to dry or dry.
    2) The product should not be exposed to the sun and must be kept away from heat and fire.
    3) Do not put a pillowcase smaller than the pillow on the product.