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What is the difference between a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress?


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What is the difference between a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress?

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Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses have also entered the public's field of vision for several years.
Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses have also entered the public's field of vision for several years. No matter which material is used, mattresses are sought after by consumers. So what is the difference between the memory foam mattress and the latex mattress? What is the difference between them? Kai Xiang carefully analyzes and analyzes for you today, for your reference.
Different materials
Memory foam mattress, also known as slow rebound memory foam mattress, is made of space slow rebound material. This material is sensitive to temperature comparison. It can fit the human body according to the change of human body temperature and shape the human body curve. . Latex mattresses are divided into natural latex and synthetic latex. Natural latex is made from oak sap and molded by evaporation. Synthetic latex mattress is extracted from petroleum.
Mattress looks different
memory foam mattress
The material of memory foam mattress is an open viscous cell material. The naked eye looks flat and the touch surface is very soft and elastic. Press it down for 3~5 seconds to restore the original shape. The latex mattress is due to the original shape. The particularity of the material is determined by the appearance of the latex mattress. There are many honeycomb-type stomata densely covered. The touch surface is smooth, smooth like a baby's skin, and the mattress with good elasticity will bounce back immediately.
Different characteristics of the mattress
Memory foam mattress has the characteristics of slow rebound, and the temperature sensitivity is relatively strong. Generally, the human body sleeps on the memory foam mattress. The mattress has no reaction force on the human body, which can eliminate the pressure of the human body and completely relax the neck and waist. The latex mattress has good air permeability and high elasticity, which can meet the needs of people of different body weights, sterilization and anti-mite, and the effect of correcting sleeping position. Another advantage is that there is no noise, and turning over frequently will not affect the partner. Their shortcomings are that the memory foam mattress has poor air permeability and is not suitable for a wide range of people, and the other is that the memory foam mattress will become hard as the temperature drops. Latex mattresses are prone to oxidation and latex mattresses can cause allergies in some people.
Price difference
First of all, the models and manufacturing process of the two mattresses are different, and the price is also different. The market price of memory foam mattress is generally between RMB: 3000~5000, mainly because the memory cotton is mostly the filler of the mattress, then Long time means the rise in value. Latex mattresses are also divided into several types, and the price is generally above 4,000. Synthetic latex mattresses are priced one to two times cheaper than natural latex mattresses.
The above is a comparison of the mattresses of the two materials. Of course, it is not necessarily the best that the mattress is good. Every friend has different needs, just let the friends through the above comparison. Have a clear understanding of the mattress and then choose the mattress according to your own conditions.