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We produce high, middle-end memory foam, stereotypes foam, high rebound foam and foam household products. Mainly supply matching foam for Kuka  and produce complete sets of household products.

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Custom memory foam mattress is good or not?


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Custom memory foam mattress is good or not?

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The custom memory foam mattress is a modern and relatively new material. It has a very powerful decompression function.
The custom memory foam mattress is a modern and relatively new material. It has a very powerful decompression function. It can absorb and decompose the human body pressure by using its own unique properties, thus reducing the pressure on the mattress. The custom memory foam mattress is made up of The plant-made foam, the plant liquid is blended into a paste, and then poured into a mattress-shaped mold to form a "core" which is then made into a foam mattress. The high resilience foam mattress has a mixed diameter distribution of the cell diameter, which results in different skeleton thicknesses, and also generates a rebound force of different supporting forces when pressed, and has good resilience. So in general, the custom memory foam mattress is still very useful.
Custom memory foam mattress is quite good, the product can fit the curve of the body, while providing support, without losing the softness and elasticity, while buffering the movement of the body, even if a person frequently turns over, it will not affect the partner, turning over There is no noise at the time.
Advantages and disadvantages of the temperature-sensitive characteristics of the foam mattress. When the foam mattress feels the body temperature, the particles on the foam surface soften, and the gradually softened particles distribute the pressure area evenly, thereby eliminating the pressure point and preventing the blood in the human body from being oppressed. . The foam mattress also has the characteristics of buffer decompression, good gas permeability, antibacterial and anti-mite, soft and light, and good resilience.
The biggest feature of a foam mattress is that it can absorb the weight of the human body. People lying on it feel like floating in the air. The foam mattress follows the human body shape and provides the body and the neck and neck with complete support by resting the spine and joints in their natural physiological state, thereby releasing the pressure and giving the body a feeling of no weight.
The disadvantage is that the foam mattress is easily deformed, the human body lying on the surface is prone to heat, and the heat is not easily dissipated, the service life is short, and the chemical composition of the foam mattress brings a sensitive skin reaction.