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What is a good mattress?


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What is a good mattress?

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About one-third of a person's life is spent in sleep. Sleep is closely related to the mattress. In order to have a good night's sleep, people have to think hard to choose a mattress that suits them.
About one-third of a person's life is spent in sleep. Sleep is closely related to the mattress. In order to have a good night's sleep, people have to think hard to choose a mattress that suits them. Many people think that sleeping on a hard bed is more beneficial to health and wellness. "The harder the mattress is, the better." Is this really true?
User opinion game
1、I have a sore stomach and a sore bed.
It is said that sleeping on a hard bed is good for keeping the shape of the human spine. On the contrary, the soft bed is comfortable, but it hurts the spine. I have a waist injury myself, and the soft mattress is sore. I am also sleeping on a hard board now.
2、Soft mattress sleeps comfortably
Individuals prefer soft and sleep well.
3、The soft and hard mattress is best
Moderate soft and hard, best. A mattress that is too hard is not good for the human spine. If it is soft, it will become uneven after a long sleep.
4、 Children sleeping on a hard mattress are good for bone development
full-size memory foam mattress
The mattress has both advantages of hard and soft, and the soft mattress is more comfortable to sleep, but it is easy to damage the lumbar spine. Hard mattresses have low comfort, but sleeping hard mattresses are healthier and help the child's bones grow and help to grow taller.
 "The soft mattress is comfortable to sleep, and the hard mattress is good for the body." This seems to have become a common consensus. Is this really true? You may wish to analyze it from different perspectives.
Pros and cons analysis
1、The advantages of a soft mattress
The soft mattress sleeps comfortably and is easy to sleep.
2、Shortcomings of soft mattresses
Due to the weight of the human body, beds that are too soft to sleep tend to form a state of low central and high surroundings, resulting in a relatively elevated position of the head and neck. Over time, it is easy to cause spinal disease.
3、The advantages of a hard mattress
The hard bed can maintain the balance of the spine and is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis. Patients with generalized lumbar and low back pain and some patients with postoperative fractures will choose to sleep on a hard bed.
4、Shortcomings of hard mattresses
Too hard a mattress cannot fully adapt to the needs of the human body curve. People lying on the top will make the waist vacant and can not support the lumbar vertebra well so that the back muscles will always be stiff and not relaxed, but all night Not the effect of rest.
full-size memory foam mattress
The mattress is not as hard as possible, and the difference in height and weight and sleeping position will affect the choice of mattress hardness. In fact, the choice of mattress should be ergonomic, too soft and too hard. A good mattress should support the weight of the human body on average and keep the spine in a normal curve. So how should the mattress be picked?
1、Choose a mattress based on height, weight, body shape, and sleeping position
The study found that the hardness of the mattress can generally be chosen with a dividing line of 70 kg as the weight. People who are lighter have to sleep softer, and people who are heavier are harder to sleep. It is also important to fully understand the sleeping position you are used to when purchasing a mattress. People with side-lying habits, suitable for soft mattresses; for supine habits, neck and waist need more support, you should choose a harder mattress...
2、"Look at the second pressure, listen to the four smells"
When purchasing a mattress, the first thing to look at is whether the mattress has a certificate of conformity. Secondly, you should test the mattress by hand. It is best to lie down and feel the elasticity of the mattress. "Three listening" means listening to the sound to distinguish whether the mattress will emit a "squeaky, squeaky" sound and if so, it may cause rusting inside the mattress. Finally smell the smell of the mattress and see if there is a chemical irritating smell.
3、Different mattress types have their own characteristics
There are currently four types of mattresses on the market: springs, latex, sponges, and palms. Spring mattresses are the most common, with good air permeability and durability. Latex beds have toughness, excellent performance in average pressure distribution, moisture resistance, and prevention of mites. The sponge mattress is light and soft, but the air permeability is better than other materials. Poor; palm mattresses are cheap and hard, but because they are made from plant-based raw materials, they are more susceptible to mold and insects when they are exposed to mildew.
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